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“Caribbean Sol Biodegradable Health & Wellness Products & Sulfate Free Hair Care Products”

Staying with our pledge to you and our Mission Statement to use truly Natural ingredients for really Natural Products, we are excited about our Natural Bath & Body line of products. Too many products we rely on to sanitize and clean our body are more concerned about the aroma of the product instead of the safe, cleansing results we need. Chemically made ingredients are cheap and are used predominantly in most daily body cleansing products. Sodium Sulfates and Parabens are toxic and used in most products. Our products are SULFATE FREE and have no parabens. We have even created a Natural Self Tanner using a vegetable substrate from sugar cane that allows your skin to tone in the manner it normally does when in the sun. You now have a choice for really Natural Body Care – you owe it to yourself to use it.

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  • That Sodium Sulfates might be the most dangerous ingredients used in skin & hair product formulas?
  • Sodium Sulfates are the main ingredient for car wash soaps and industrial floor cleaners, as it cleans by corrosion and can eat away skin protection causing rashes and infection?