Natural Dog Shampoo


Bow Wow Wow

Do you think you have a sensitive nose? Are there smells that you really don’t like? Did you know that dogs have over 200 MILLION scent receptors? Humans like us, have about 5 million!! With such sensitive noses, dogs can detect smells that they really don’t like, such as synthetics which are included as ingredients in a lot of popular pet shampoos.

  • Safe Shampoos for your furry best friends
  • Human Tested – K9 approved
  • Gentle, Natural ingredients, PH balanced with an optimum PH of 7 which is the same as water!
  • No Sulfates
  • Formulated with Coconut Milk and Vegetable proteins for gentle foaming action
  • Flea and Tick treatment safe
  • Includes Pure Essential Oils

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For Bow Wow WOW, we tested our all-natural scented shampoos against several popular pet shampoos that use synthetic chemicals. EVERY dog embraced Bow Wow WOW each time, and several actually licked the caps! You see, your dogs don’t mind being given a bath, they simply dislike the scents and the burning sensation of the synthetic soaps that are commonly used to bathe them.

Each of the Bow Wow WOW shampoos is very unique with its own distinct scent and feel. Certain dogs will embrace one shampoo over the other based on the dogs distinct breed and personality. The best part is that your dog will enjoy the experience and benefit from the ingredients in the shampoos.

We are excited to offer 4 distinct shampoos for your choosing. They are all great, but you may find one fits your dog and its build and personality better than the other.

One word of caution!! You may find that these smell so nice, you may want to use them yourself, which just might make your dog jealous!