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In our world, the word ‘kit’ has a specific meaning and use. Just as the body has various areas in which the texture of the skin is different, such as the facial tissue is different from the leg tissue, there are multiple items that are more useful for maximum results while in the sun. You will find we have created a handful of natural sun tanning kits and gift sets to make things a little easier when trying to choose the right sun and skin care products.¬†As stated, the face should use a higher number sunscreen than the legs/tummy areas. The shoulders and ladies bathing suite lines are locations that tend to burn easy and should, therefore, use a stronger sunscreen that the tummy and legs. Oils are great for tanning rapidly and can be used on the legs and tummy areas, while the face and shoulders need a sunscreen. This exercise will result in an even tan in the safest, most even, and quickest manner. We always recommend using the mild sunscreen on the legs and tummy, then apply the oil on top for the first couple of days in the sun for insurance against to much UV action. Of course, the before and after sun moisturizer is essential to sun activity.

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