Self Tanners

We use a natural vegetable substrate, DHA, derived from sugar cane to assist your skin to color. This is NOT a dye. The DHA blends with your dead skin cells, which we have hundreds of thousands of daily and actually colors them/your skin in the same color tone you achieve when exposed to the sun’s UV rays. This energy created, motivates the melanin in you to, again, create skin color tone that is your normal and gradual color. We surround the DHA with many natural moisturizers, like organic aloe; shea butter; cucumber extract; and more to keep the skin irrigated and moist.

Our suggestion is to initially apply the self tanner on the desired areas for 2 days in a row. Do not reapply on those areas for the next 2 days. Assess the amount of color achieved and then decide if it is just right or your wish more color. If you want more color, increase the number of days applied, but always remember to not apply for the same number of days. It is best to exfoliate the areas that you want to apply the lotion to, but not mandatory. Wait about 20 minutes after applying to fully clothe, however, as the lotion is Natural, no harm or staining will occur on the clothing should you put clothing on the applied area(s)

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