Tanning Oils

To obtain a Safe Tan is relatively easy. To keep a rich, long lasting Tan naturally, is not that easy. The secret to a rich, long lasting Safe Tan is keeping the multiple layers of skin that are attacked by the Sun’s UV rays nourished and moist. Most “Tanning Oils” are mineral oil based and do not penetrate more than a couple of layers of skin, giving what is called a Surface Tan, which fades quickly. A good “Tanning Oil” is one that is thin and will penetrate many layers of skin. Only a Natural Tanning Oil will achieve those results. UV rays will penetrate 4 to 6 layers of skin. Therefore, it is important that your oil can reach those layers of skin that will be hit by all the UV rays. Just as a Door will look good with a couple of coats of ┬ápaint, it looks richer with 5 or 6 coats and the wood of the door is better protected. How deep and rich your Tan is, will be the ability of your oil to go deep into the multiple layers of skin tissue and supplement the moisture that the Sun’s rays are stealing.

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  • That SQUALANE OIL derived from Olives, boosts skin cell regeneration and oxygenation; helps prevent formation of “aged spots”; helps prevent UV damage to the skin; assists skin to retain moisture; helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles?
  • Seamollient, a blend of sea plant extracts, deeply moisturizers skin tissue on a sustained basis locking in moisture and releasing it into the skin tissue periodically?
  • You can apply any of our SolGuard Sunscreens on before you apply any of our Oils for protection.

TESTIMONIAL – Jade Oil (April, Jacksonville FL)

Well, I must say, I have been using your products for many years. But, only recently did I discover the fact that Jade Oil is a miracle in a bottlefor more than just your body; it is a miracle for your hair as well!!! It is quite interesting how I discovered this fact… I purchased a pricey hair product by a well-known manufacturer not too long ago. This product was made up of mostly olive oil according to the label…Well, to make a long story short, it did more for taming my frizz and restoring shine, than any previous product that I had used. But, I had run out and my schedule was not going to permit me to get by the salon to purchase more anytime soon….

Then, all of the sudden it dawned on me! My beloved JADE OILjust might do the trick, since its ingredients are All Natural and it has always kept my skin looking fresh and healthy throughout the years. So, I tried it and i must say, I’ve never known what it was like to have truly healthy shiny hair, until now! The previous product only gave me a fraction of the results and for only a fraction of the time, in comparison to the results of Jade Oil!!!

So, I’m writing to you because after seeing the dramatic change in my hair, my boyfriend said that it would be a crime if I didn’t write you and stress the importance of marketing Jade Oil also as a hair product… Because everybody out there like me deserves to discover that there is a hair god after all!!!!