Walking distance to Seaworld Orlando

I visited the Renaissance Orlando Resort at Seaworld from November 13-15th for a Masterminds business event. I absolutely loved the hotel, the wonderful amenities and all of the helpful staff members on site. Everyone is so helpful, starting with front desk and concierge right on outside to the employees in the pool area. One woman in particular who I connected with is Nicole LaMarche who attended the pool hut. Nicole spent so much of her valuable time with me explaining about the benefits of her sunscreen and oil products. I was was so intrigued by her knowledge of the products that I made a purchase. I highly recommend these products to anyone visiting the resort after using them several times now. Thank you to Nicole for such a pleasant experience.

Business Traveler November 2015

I love your products!

I Love your products and don’t use any other brand product for moisturizers and sunscreens. I would be lost without them! Your products are the only ones that don’t make my skin rash when out in the sun. Love them. Have a great weekend and Holiday Season.

Marie S. - November 2014

Icy Relief Gel “My Precious Son! & My Foot!

Was on Marco Island Fl, 2 stories my son got severly burned even though we used the chemicals we brought to keep the rays away, and my foot, anyway the lady at the pool recommended the Icy Gel Relief WOW!Immediate relief for my son thanks for making the product what a brand. So my foot after a game of tennis we thought we would get every body on the court and play tennis baseball I decided to take my sneaks off well after the game my right foot has a huge blister I could not even walk. Sitting the hotel I see the Icy Relief so I applied it OMG! next day I was cracken, my foot felt better and I could walk! I thought my vacay was over thanks for the product.

Dave - September 2014

Sunscreens, I love your products!

I have been using your sunscreen for the past 5 years or so, and am extremely pleased; I am somewhat chemically sensitive, so try to avoid exposures in everyday products. I am grateful that you provide such an effective and non-toxic product, and I applaud your transparency. Please keep your products synthetic chemical-free and available! Thank you!

Randy - January 2014

Key West FL, Sunscreen

We have to get this word out there about the harmful effects of chemicals like oxybenzone, not only to the corals but possibly to humans. There are alternative sunscreens that truly are ‘reef safe’, they just take a bit more searching to find them. The sunscreens listed above are all biodegradable and an excellent choice. We’d like to add Caribbean Sol to the mix.

Keys Diver - July 2013

Sunscreens, Jade Oil and Kukui

Well, as you all know….Temperatures here in NY suddenly spiked a week or so ago. Didn’t have my Caribbean Sol Sunscreen with me and ended up getting a pretty bad sunburn. In desperate need for relief, I bought a can of Green Ice Continuous Aloe Spray, BIG MISTAKE!!!! Not only does it only provide a cooling sensation for about 2.2 seconds, it made my skin SWELL even past my sunburn. Now have a rash on my legs… GRRRR! Switched to using my Jade Oil by Caribbean Sol to help put moisture back into my skin and get it back in shape, feeling IRRITATED with the other popular brand I used.

Well, the burn is now about 5 days old. Just need to keep using my Kukui and Jade Oil to keep my skin as healthy as possible until it heals. And Lissa, you have fair skin like my youngest. When I place my next order with Caribbean Sol I’ll send you a small package to try a few of their other products. You’ll love the way they make your skin and hair feel!

DS, New York

Kid Kare, SPF 8 & 25, Icy Relief Gel & Kukui

We have used all the Caribbean Sol products for years. The SolGuard SPF 8 is my favorite to use in the sun. Of course we use the SolGuard SPF 25for a full block a the start of the summer. The kids always use the Kid Kare SPF 25.Great coverage, great feel and smell and most importantly, IT WORKS! We first discovered when we were told we could not use sunscreen in a natural water park due to it killing the coral reefs. Logic says if it kills coral, what is it doing to our body? So we went green and never looked back. In addition to the sunscreens, we also tried and can highly recommend  the Kukui Body Silk and Icy Relief GelThanks again for the safe sunning for our family.

SAH, Dallas TX

Beach Colours Self Tanner

I don’t know about you guys but I’m truly over baking in he sun trying to maintain a tan. I finally found the best tanning lotion. The name of the product is Natural Beach Colors made by Caribbean Sol….I promise you this is some goooood stuff and it is chemical free and leaves no steaks or that awful orangie look that most other products do.

Geri, Jacksonville FL

Biodegradable Sunscreen

Just returned from our vacation and were very pleased with your products. Unfortunately, I forgot to apply before going to the beach the first day – applied when we got there and got a tiny bit burned. (I did apply about 45 minutes prior to going out thereafter and have a great tan!). Used the ICY RELIEF GEL which was very helpful and love the GOLDEN OPAL OIL and KUKUI Body Silk! My skin looks very hydrated and even where I burned there is very little peeling. Great products and awesome customer service; we’ll be sure to spread the word! Thanks again for getting the products to us in time for our vacation!!

P & J Krehel

Jade Oil (Not just for your skin, but also for Beautiful Hair)

Well, I must say, I have been using your products for many years. But, only recently did I discover the fact that Jade Oil is a miracle in a bottle for more than just your body; it is a miracle for your hair as well!!! It is quite interesting how I discovered this fact… I purchased a pricey hair product by a well-known manufacturer not too long ago. This product was made up of mostly olive oil according to the label…Well, to make a long story short, it did more for taming my frizz and restoring shine, than any previous product that I had used. But, I had run out and my schedule was not going to permit me to get by the salon to purchase more anytime soon….

Then, all of the sudden it dawned on me! My beloved JADE OIL just might do the trick, since its ingredients are All Natural and it has always kept my skin looking fresh and healthy throughout the years. So, I tried it and I must say, I’ve never known what it was like to have truly healthy shiny hair, until now! The previous product only gave me a fraction of the results and for only a fraction of the time, in comparison to the results of Jade Oil!!!

So, I’m writing to you because after seeing the dramatic change in my hair, my boyfriend said that it would be a crime if I didn’t write you and stress the importance of marketing Jade Oil also as a hair product… Because everybody out there like me deserves to discover that there is a hair god after all!!!!

April, FL

Natural Products BUYERS GUIDE – Best moisturizer for the body

I found this company by accident nineteen years ago while staying at a resort in Marco Island. I had my 2 year old son with us and used sun block on him everywhere but his ears. Needless to say, they were burnt and the young lady who was handing out towels in the tiki hut suggested I try your products that were on display. We began with the Tea Tree (Icy Gel) relief gel and then the moisturizer. An hour later, I came back and bought both products. The following year to buy the Jade Oil and Moisturizer. Nowadays, I place a large order and get almost the entire line of products. I live in PA and everyone want to know, first, how do i get so tan and second, what do I use on my skin because it is so hydrated. THE OILS AND MOISTURIZERS ARE A MUST HAVE!!


Natural Products BUYERS GUIDE – Awesome sunscreens

I was fortunate enough to encounter Caribbean Sol sunscreens back in the 1990’s and have been addicted ever since. I’ve lost count of the number of compliments on my tan this summer, all thanks to the sunscreen and Jade Oil! Thank goodness for the great customer service as without mail order, I would be unable to find the product in New Hampshire. Thanks to Gaye & Bruce for all they do to keep me looking good (and young!).

Bee Harley

ALL Natural Dog Shampoos by Caribbean Sol

Super soft Toby after Peppermint Eucalyptus bath

Super soft Toby after Peppermint Eucalyptus bath

Wheatie all fluffed after his Lavender Rosemary bath.

Wheatie all fluffed after his Lavender Rosemary bath.

Check out how gorgeous my pups look after their Bow Wow baths. when you have therapy dogs, like I do, you’re committed to LOTS of doggie baths. Therapy dogs need to be kept scrupulously clean and fresh and must be bathed and brushed before every visit. We also spend lots of time off leash in the woods, which adds on even more bath time. Wheaten terrier are great dogs-they don’t shed but they need a TON of hair care. They have long hair and it can mat like crazy if not kept in check. I usually end up using a ton of shampoo at each bath to really get their hair lathered and clean. So I’m always on the lookout for shampoos. Yesterday was the perfect day to try out some new ALL Natural Dog Shampoos by Caribbean Sol. Both dogs have therapy visits today.

Dawn A Marcus

Bow Wow Testimonial

Got the dog shampoo from my Uncle Jess, absolutely love it!! Went from having to bathe my little inside dog every day to one every 2 weeks. Love how gentle it is to her skin. Thank you for thinking or our little four legged family members. Will definitely be purchasing this product again.

W Blair

Bow Wow Testimonial

Have been very happy with my two house dogs coats, ChiChi and Poncho, they aren’t shedding as much using this shampoo. Thanks, Jess!

L Ward